Day 26 of 60: smtp-source

It's the school holidays, and my two children have had friends staying over this past week, which meant that there hasn't been much opportunity to work on this project, and even less opportunity to write about it. So these next few posts are going to be something of a catch up.

I've previously documented running Sendmail in a zone. One of the things that I need for testing Sendmail is a source of messages, and an easy mechanism to get them to Sendmail over SMTP.

A program that I've been aware of for some time that does exactly that is smtp-source. It ships as part of Postfix, and there's an smtp-souce(1) manual page, which says:

smtp-source connects to the named host and TCP port (default: port 25) and sends one or more messages to it, either sequentially or in parallel. The program speaks either SMTP (default) or LMTP. Connections can be made to UNIX-domain and IPv4 or IPv6 servers. IPv4 and IPv6 are the default.

Building was trivially easy. After downloading and unpacking Postfix 2.3.1, it was enough to:

% cd postfix-2.3.1
% make makefiles CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc
% make

which, amongst other things, built bin/smtp-source.

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