I didn’t win…

... or so I thought.

After I sent in my submission to Sun's Try and Buy contest, I didn't hear anything back from them for some time. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to drop them a quick note and check that they received it. After all, it's not unknown for something to go awry between a web form and it's back end database, and there was always this nagging feeling that perhaps my submission had been lost in the ether.

I got a nice note back saying:
I have received the input from all judges and have tallied the results. I am sorry to say that you did not win this time around.

Which is fair enough. You can't expect to win everything you enter. So I got on with other projects.

And then the other day I was checking my e-mail and saw this:
Since we last spoke there have been some new developments. We were able to roll some of the high scoring evaluations into Period 7 judging, yours being one of those. And.....

We wish to congratulate and inform you that you've been selected as a potential winner of our Try & Buy Open Performance Contest! Your entry was well written,complete, and highly applicable.

It turns out that in this context "potential" means "you need to sign and send back an affidavit that confirms you're eligible to enter the competition (don't work for Sun, that sort of thing) and that you consent for your name, details, etc, to be used in publicity surrounding the competition."

So I've done that. And I've just received further confirmation that an Ultra 40 is going to be winging it's way to me shortly.

I've already got a few things in mind for what I'll do with it when it gets here.


  1. So, did you actually get it?

    I'm in the same boat - "potential" and returned the affadavit.

  2. Not yet. I've been assured, repeatedly, and for the last few months, that it's being sorted. I plan on waiting until the end of the month and then posting about it here, with appropriate trackbacks to Sun blogs, to see if that kicks things up a notch.

  3. [...] The Ultra 40 that I won arrived on Wednesday, but I’ve been too busy since then to do much with it until now. [...]

  4. My T1000 arrived a couple weeks ago - there was some problem with sending it because they couldn't sell it for less than what they sell to the federal government, so they had to figure out the exact wording on the invoice to tell me not to pay it...