Trigger happy hosting / spam @ The Guardian

Two spam related pieces of information today.

The first concerns what happens if you're hosted at an ISP with an anti-spam policy, an itchy-trigger finger, and a support desk that is devoid of clue.

It appears as though the fine folk over at The Weekly had their infrastructure on a shared server at their ISP, HostingPlex. That same server was then used by a spammer to send spam, which was caught by SpamCop. Rather than track down the actual culprits, HostingPlex have locked The Weekly's account, and are demanding US$150 to reinstate access to the server, while ignoring repeated e-mails from The Weekly that contain what appears to be pretty straightforward evidence of their innocence.

I paraphase somewhat, you can read the The Weekly's side of the story for yourself.

In other news, "Thoughts on stopping spam" appeared, somewhat edited, as an article in The Guardian yesterday.

Update: I hadn't realised that this piece had made it in to the print edition as well as on the website. Photographic proof (largely for my mother) below.

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