SVN::Web 0.50 released

After a slightly longer development process than I would have liked (I had several hard disks choose inopportune moments to go south -- no data loss thanks to backups, but I took the opportunity to shuffle some hardware around), SVN::Web 0.50 has been released, and should now be available on CPAN.

There are quite a few significant changes in this version...

Chief amongst them is that SVN::Web now supports accessing remote repositories. Your SVN::Web instance no longer needs to access the same filesystem as the repository. This makes various interesting tricks possible too.

This entailed switching to use the SVN::Client API when accessing repositories. This made it possible to support "svn blame" style functionality, which is another feature that people have been asking for.

The mechanism for passing log messages through various filters (e.g., to turn e-mail addresses in the message in to hyperlinks) has also changed, to be more general, and support different filters for different repositories.

The complete changelist is available, as are the updating instructions for migrating to the new version.

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  1. Hey Nik --

    thanks for that -- a very nifty feature! I've been hoping to get a web-based VC history browser going on a few troublesome repositories; this'll do the trick I think.