Moving in Switzerland? A plug for Kaylan Umzug

I recently moved apartment in Zurich, and wanted to take a moment to plug the service offered by the removal company that I used, Kaylan Umzug.

The provided a full service move; packing, furniture disassembly, hand-over cleaning with guarantee, rubbish diposal, and furniture re-assembly at the new apartment. And they were fast -- my 6 room apartment (approx 50m3 of material) was cleared in 4h30m (8a-12.30p), and it took the same amount of time to unload and reassemble at the new place (1p-5.30p). Despite having to get furniture up to the second floor in an elevator only large enough for four people.

Other things that I liked about the service:
  • They provided a fixed price quote. Other companies that I spoke to quoted per hour. This always worries me, in that it gives them an incentive to proceed a little slower.
  • There were no hidden charges in Kaylan's quote -- VAT and insurance were included. Other companies broke them out as separate items, or left them as small print (i.e., VAT was not included, the customer was encouraged to get their own insurance). Also, unlike other companies their quote included all the necessary packing material.
  • Every other company quoted the move as taking two days. Kaylan did it in one (and were faster than their original time estimate.
Finally, they were towards the cheaper end of the quotes that I received. The quote broke down in to three components.
  1. The move itself. CHF 4,560 (as already mentioned, inc. VAT, insurance, packing material, etc).
  2. The cleaning. CHF 1,500. This was marginally more expensive than the quote from my regular cleaning co., but I was happy to pay the extra to only deal with one company, as well as not have two companies getting in each other's way during the move.
  3. Rubbish disposal. CHF 600. I had approximately 8m3 of assorted junk that I no longer wanted and had failed to sell (or was too crappy to sell) that needed disposing.
Overall, probably the least stressful move that I've ever done. The worst part was hanging around while they efficiently moved everything, feeling rather like a spare wheel.

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  1. Please, I advise you, "Never use this company: Kaylan"
    They are cowboys. Recently I moved 15km, and in that time they sent a man with a broken wrist which he'd recently had an operation on, so was unable to carry anything. I did all of his work together with another guy. They dropped the first box so it was clear he couldn't work. Then they damaged my wardrobe, bracking the glass from top to bottom, and damaging some shelving. In the 15km distance, it took me 12 minutes in my car. It took them 2 hours... where did they go during that 2 hours, they couldn't/wouldn't say, blaming their navigation system. They could have called me, if they were professional. These guys were worse than amateurs. It seemed like they'd hired a van to make a fast buck, but I will not pay anything until the insurance on the damage is settled. They also disconnected cables and wiring from my plasma TV and now they're missing. I will update this page regarding further progress. dated: 2 July 2012