Day 2 of 60: Importing and branching Sendmail

Now that I've started to get a development environment that I feel comfortable with I've imported the latest release of Sendmail in to my Subversion repository. This is publicly accessible, so you can follow along at home if you've got a Subversion client installed.

I've imported Sendmail 8.13.7, plus two patches, one for shared memory issues and one that fixes an issue where the PID file might be removed. Together I'm calling this

There's a web interface to the repository available. This makes it easy to see what's changed and when. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of changes as and when I make them.

If you want to checkout the code and build it then configure your Subversion client to check out from this URL:


For example, if you're using the command line client on Unix you might do something like the following (broken over several commands to keep the line lengths down).

% export REPO=svn://
% svn checkout $REPO/sendmail/branches/
% cd

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