No, I haven't given up already. Although the box was supposed to arrive on the 5th there's been no sign of it so far. I did try using the tracking number that Sun sent me at mysun.sun.com.

Sadly that just gives me:
Thank you for your interest in Order Status. It will take three business days to activate your Order Status entitlements.

I've been on the phone to them, and they do assure me that it will arrive later today.

In the meantime, here's something else I've been working on -- scrollable commit timelines for SVN::Web.


  1. When I try to view that timeline, I'm getting an error about "Failed to derive URL prefix for timeline API code files..."

  2. Yeah -- I discovered that after I enabled it. It's fine in Firefox (and, I imagine, all other browsers that use that engine) but fails in at least Konqueror and Safari. It partially works in IE, but clicking timeline entries doesn't work.

    I'm not entirely sure why, since I pretty much cut/pasted the code from the Timeline project, and it works on those browsers on their pages. Javascript's not really my forte, so if you see something obviously wrong when you "View source" please let me know :-)

  3. I've just looked at this a little more, and the problem was a misplaced </head> tag, which I've now fixed.